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Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
*Is an identical twin; her sister is 13 minutes older than she is.
*Grew up on New York City's Upper East Side.
*Daughter of a plastic surgeon and a socialite.
*Fell in love with horror at an early age after discovering the old black and white Universal movies on AMC one night.
*Her love can now be classified as a full blown obsession; but's only worrisome if you haven't build a lucrative career off it, right?
*Her first project was a podcast in High School and College, Horror 101. This she did with her, now, fiancé. The point was to take Horror Movies and deconstruct them, looking for the survival lessons hidden inside of them. And occasionally discussing WHY people in horror movies were so damn stupid.
*Went to NYU (Tisch) and studied film.
*Wrote her Senior Thesis on slasher movies and their portrayal of the teenage experience.
*After College she was approached by Chiller to host her own TV Show, Can You Survive a Horror Movie?; based off the same idea as her podcast, the show looked at different horror movies and what it would take to survive each scenario. Unsurprisingly, Kira most often rooted for the villain. She accepted as her fiancé (then her boyfriend) was off filming his first movie. An independent horror flick.
*After three years, the series was cancelled. Just about the time her boy was approached to headline a new series - an anthology of horror tales set in the deep south (think American Horror Story meets True Blood).
*However, another offer was right on its heels. This time for Kira, along with her sister, to host Descent: A game show meant to pit people against their deepest fears and put them inside mini horror movies. It was perfect. And they could film anywhere. Which meant she was free to move to New Orleans (a city she always longed to live in) along with the boy.

[Disclaimer: A kind of, sort of, but not really revamp of an earlier muse. At least in that I am stealing certain aspects of her story and combining it with inspiration taken from GSN's Hellevator and more specifically, its hosts. Nothing is real. Everything is fake. And both Mun and Muse are 21+.]
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